Camp emmanuel 2024

In 2024, Camp Emmanuel has 3 weeks of overnight camps on the books.

June 17-21 (High School)

July 8-12 (Middle School)

July 29- August (4th & 5th grade)

Staff Applications will open November 15th, 2023, Camp Registrations will open February 1st, 2024!

Because we have our weeks of programming spread throughout the months of June and July, we are hiring staff members specifically for each week. As you read the job descriptions, keep in mind that these are only week long commitments, unless you desire to work more than one week in the summer. The staff members’ “week” is Sunday afternoon (a day before the campers arrive) through Friday 2pm (to allow time for camp clean up). 

We believe that this unconventional scheduling approach to summer programming offers more opportunities for people wanting to serve on a mission this summer, but do not have an entire summer to commit. It also gives our local volunteer base opportunities to serve without being over extended. 

All staff and volunteers will be required to complete the staff training modules in preparation for summer camp. This will cover camp policies and expectations so you will come to camp suited up for a week of service! Along with the training modules ,all adult staff and volunteers, 18+ years of age, will be required to pass a background check.  

Employment Opportunities

Camp Counselors


At Camp Emmanuel every position is important, but the Counselor position is an imperative, front line ministry position. Counselors impact lives of the next generation as they serve alongside a community who will likely become lifelong friends. Our team is committed to discipling our staff members into a generation of servant leaders who are ready to lay aside their time to serve campers and help them develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. This position will offer opportunities to play, to have meaningful connections with campers, and lead students through all areas of camp life with one main objective: to encounter JESUS. Counselors not only lead their cabin through the daily schedule and activities, you set the pace and tone for everything on the schedule. We are looking for faith filled, Spirit-led people who believe Jesus is in every part of the day at camp and want to meet Him there and bring others with them!  

Counselors must be 18+ years of age, pass a background check, and complete staff training modules which will be provided via Zoom in the Spring before camp season. 

Junior Counselor- Camp Emmanuel believes in growing leaders! The Junior counselor position is for teenagers who want to start serving others at camp while they learn and develop the skills to become a camp staff member! Junior counselors work side by side with the camp counselors, helping accomplish the main objective of camp, to lead campers through camp to have life changing encounters with JESUS! 

In order to create a healthy age difference between campers and jr. counselors, junior counselors 13 and 14 years old can serve at the 4th & 5th grade camp. Junior counselors for the middle school must be 15-17 years old. All junior counselors will need to complete the training modules related to the junior camp staff. 

Counselor Application 

Camp Support STaff

Kitchen Staff

At Camp Emmanuel we know that hospitality is a gift. We also believe that meals not only fuel our bodies, but it is around a meal that so many find connection and family. We are looking for strong leaders with the gift of hospitality and cooking that will feed excellent meals to the campers and staff. 

  • Kitchen Director- The kitchen director will manage all aspects of the kitchen for the week of camp, including  directing the kitchen staff and volunteers, overseeing the preparation and serving of meals and snacks, ensuring the kitchen is cleaned following every meal, and food is stored appropriately. The director position is a week long commitment. 
  • Kitchen Assistant- The kitchen assistant position is an hourly position which is scheduled by the kitchen director. This job is so valuable, because running a kitchen takes long hours, hard work, and HEART! The assistant is the wingman of the operation, helping alleviate some of the demands from one person by taking on delegated tasks while on shift. These tasks include but are not limited to food prep, cooking, cleaning, and serving food. Depending on the assistant’s experience, he or she may be delegated to take charge of a few meals to give the director a break. 


At Camp Emmanuel we commit to our campers’ and staffs’ well being. A person filling this position must be a licensed nurse or health care professional like an EMT, paramedic, PA, ect. During the day, the camp “nurse” will be responsible for administering medications (prescribed and over the counter), assisting in any first aid needs, and emergency response situations. For each week of camp we like to have 2-3 professionals that rotate through the week on a schedule, with one being a week long staff member, so that there is always someone available to tend to any medical needs. 

  • Head Nurse- The job description is the same, but the head nurse is a week long staff member that stays on campus. Typically they are responsible for the bedtime meds, any needs in the middle of the night, and morning time meds. This position is responsible for being the primary caregiver of camp any time the Day shift nurse is not there. 
  • Day Shift Nurses- The job description is the same, but the day shift nurse serves as a reprieve for the week long head nurse. This position requires the caregiver to be able to serve 4-8 hours a day during the week on staff. Housing is not typically provided for this position.

Media and Technology Specialist

During Camp there are a number of sessions of worship and teachings. The Media and Tech Specialist runs all aspects related to sound, AV, and IT related needs to make sure the worship pastors and teaching staff can minister to the campers. Basic tasks include assisting the worship pastor in setting up and running the sound board, projecting and running worship lyrics during worship sets, running videos for teaching, and helping with other computer related tasks during camp. 

Activity Coordinator

Along with worshiping Jesus and digging into His word, playing hard is an important part of camp. The Recreation Coordinator organizes the daily games and activities outlined on the schedules. The RC works closely with the Camp Director and will be responsible for having the camp wide activities set up, supplied, and manned, having the morning creatives supplies organized and stationed in the appropriate location, and in the event of weather or other major schedule changes, the RC is responsible for communicating with volunteers, communicating any reservation changes/adjustments, and implementing the activity changes needed. 

Summer Staff Application

volunteer opportunities

If you don’t have time to be at camp all week, but desire to serve when you can, take a look at these positions. Like all staff, 18+ year old volunteers must pass a background check and complete the appropriate training modules regarding camp policies and expectations. Volunteers really make a huge difference in how camp runs, so please don’t pass through these opportunities to be a part of the mission of Camp Emmanuel! 



At Camp Emmanuel we know that hospitality is a gift. We also believe that meals not only fuel our bodies, but it is around a meal that so many find connection and family. Kitchen volunteers work for the Kitchen Director and Assistant. Volunteers can sign up for the different shifts on the days that work best for their schedule. There are 3 separate shifts: Morning Shift, Mid-day Shift and Dinner Shift.  

Morning shift typically starts at 7am and goes until 10:30. This crew prepares, serves, and cleans up following breakfast. 

Mid-day shift is from 11- 2pm and will help prepare and serve lunch, clean up and possibly stage afternoon snack or help with some supper prep work. 

Dinner shift starts around 4pm - 7:30pm. The Dinner Shift prepares and serves dinner and then cleans up following the meal.  (We understand there are those who cannot make it at 4, but a little later, we can typically work with that!) This is one of our most popular volunteer spots and it makes such a HUGE difference.


Each day the camp has at least one large, camp-wide activity in the afternoon and then other possible activities in the evening. Activity volunteers help the Recreation Coordinator prepare and set up games. They can also be asked to help facilitate or breakdown if it is a special event. 


Creatives are interest based activities that campers get to participate in each day. These hour and a half activities are meant to help kids learn that “in all things we do, we do it unto the Lord.” This is an awesome opportunity for people to share their talents and skills with the younger generations and showing them how God can use theses talents and skills. Ideally a creative is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during mid morning. Each day a different batch of campers will participate. However, if you want to facilitate a creative, and you cannot facilitate all three days, please still reach out to the director! We have been known to get creative with our scheduling at Camp Emmanuel!!!

Examples of creatives from years past include carpentry, art, science projects (showing how amazing God’s creation is), musical worship, dance, prayer journaling, kayaking, basketball, surfing, and disc golf. Just to name a few!!

Creatives Facilitators-The facilitator is the person responsible for running the actual program/clinic. They will communicate in advance with the director about what activity they want to do, the way they will tie it into the Gospel, and the supplies they need to accomplish the activity. During the week they will work with the Recreation Coordinator for additional needs.

Creatives Assistants-The assistants are people who are also knowledgeable about the activity and willing to help the facilitators make the activity happen successfully and safely.