Booking ProcesS

Who can book?

Camp Emmanuel is available to outside churches and organizations whose mission is focused on teaching and applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We consider each group who books our facility a partner in ministry. Therefore, we ask you to review our mission and core beliefs to make sure your programming aligns with our mission to give people the opportunity to encounter and receive Jesus Christ, experience the heart of our heavenly Father, discover their identity in Christ and connect in right relationships through Word, worship, fellowship, and prayer. 

how to book

If Camp Emmanuel seems to be the right place for your ministry, click the “request a reservation” button and select your desired dates and number of guests and booking package you would like to have for your camp or retreat. 

Upon submitting your request, Camp Emmanuel will review your reservation request. If your booking can be accommodated,  a quote/itemized invoice will be submitted to you with a facility use agreement. At that point you have 2 weeks to submit your 10% security deposit and signed facility use agreement, which will guarantee your booking. Verbal date confirmations do not serve as a guarantee to your request. After the 2 weeks, the requested dates are open for consideration for other requests.

Cabin Rates

The rates are noted on the first page of the Reservations tab. You can click here, for a quick reference. Our rates are per person and vary on the number of nights you are staying at Camp Emmanuel. Please note that though we charge per person, we do require the bottom bunks to be filled or paid for before reserving an additional cabin. 

For example, if there is an adult retreat and single or double occupancy is desired, you will be expected to pay for the other empty bottom bunks. We do not rent cabins out for one person at $60/ weekend. 


If this is not clear, feel free to reach out to our camp administrator at and she will answer more specifically your questions. 

Check-in & check-out

Camp Emmanuel has specified check-in times (3pm) and check out times (11am). Changes to these times MUST be requested and approved by Camp Administrator and are not guaranteed.

Check-in: By the time you are on your way, we will be so stoked to see you. We will work with you ahead of time to make sure you can get going upon arrival. If you have not been on site beforehand, we will make sure you get a tour and answer any questions you may have about your reserved spaces.  

We have keypads on all the cabin doors. Cabin codes will be provided upon payment. If paid in advance, we can issue key codes ahead of time by email. Otherwise, codes and keys will be provided upon arrival. 

***Late Night Check-ins: We know that the Outer Banks is usually a bit of a trek for most and that means at times there are late evening and night arrivals. Camp Emmanuel does have set office hours and appreciates that being kept in mind, but we will certainly work with you to make accommodations when and how we can. Please just notify us in advance.

Check-out: Check out time is 11am, unless an alternate time has been arranged. We ask that you honor your check out time so we can make sure there is ample time for cleaning and maintenance before the next guests’ arrival. 

You are responsible to leave all spaces as you found them. Remove trash from all spaces, make sure you check for belongings in nooks and crannies, return furnishing to their assigned spaces and set air/ heat to the correct temperature. 

As noted in the facility use agreement, you are responsible for the cost of repairs on damages.